Sometimes even Bubba thinks of a good comeback

February 04, 2024

The teacher was sick and tired of Bubba always putting off his class assignments until the last minute and for never leaving for school soon enough to arrive before the bell.

“You’ll never amount to anything if you continue to procrastinate so much,” his teacher said.

“Just you wait and see,” Bubba responded.

As a student, I was kind of like Bubba, a procrastinator. It really puzzled me when teachers would assign papers a month or more in advance, considering I never started writing until the night before they were due.

Strangely enough, that served me well later in life, when, as a journalist, I had to write articles on very short deadlines.

For many years working at The Associated Press, I typically had only minutes to complete breaking news stories. I loved the challenge of that. It was stressful. But it was also strangely fun. I thrived on those deadlines. I somehow managed to meet every one of them.

You know, there’s a much more important deadline looming for every human being. That’s a deadline for salvation. If we miss that deadline, we’re in big trouble. Proverbs 29:1 says we will face sudden destruction.

God is gracious in that He patiently reaches out to the spiritually lost over and over again, speaking to them through believers and through Scripture. Unfortunately, some people tend to procrastinate. They say they’ll deal with spiritual matters later, that they have plenty of time.

Unfortunately, that’s not always true. That’s why the Bible says, “Now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

We’re not promised tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. The fact is all of us are one heartbeat away from eternity. And if we leave this world without having surrendered our hearts and lives to Christ, we have missed the most important deadline of all. That’s why I suggest taking care of this most important assignment right this moment.

We may be born procrastinators, just like Bubba, but in matters of eternity, we can’t afford to just wait and see.


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