MSHS alum seeks living organ donor

by By Heather Phillips • Citizen Staff Writer

Deneal Dannelly is a 2014 graduate of Madison Southern High School. If you were to ask any of her former classmates or teachers what they remember most about her, they would tell you that she loved to help others. Now, Deneal needs her community’s help.

After graduation, Deneal studied at Eastern Kentucky University, and by her sophomore year she decided to pursue healthcare administration. Little did she know that her senior year at EKU would be far from normal. In 2017, during routine lab work, Deneal found out she was anemic. A hematologist ran additional tests that showed issues with her kidneys. Next, Deneal saw a nephrologist and was diagnosed with two auto-immune disorders; antiphospholipid syndrome and IgA nephropathy. EKU worked with Deneal to reschedule classes and an internship around her many hospital visits, and through her hard work and perseverance, Deneal graduated on time.

Deneal has earned two masters degrees from Northern Kentucky University and now works as a senior data reporting analyst at a blood donation center in Cincinnati. She credits her diagnoses and passion for helping others as inspiration for her job choice.

In June of last year, Deneal was told the time had come to start preparing for a kidney transplant. The biggest hurdle? Finding a living donor, with an “O” blood type, that would make a good match. If you’ve ever considered becoming a living organ donor, you can take the first step by visiting or calling 513-583-7001.

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